3D Stereo

NVidia's 3D Stereo Driver

Quick 3D Stereo setup

Step 1: Open the 3D stereo properties panel

First right click on an empty space of the screen. Select Properties" from the popup menu.

The display properties window opens. On the last panel click on "Advanced".

A new window will open. Select panel "Stereo properties".

Step 2: Enable 3D stereo

In the stereo properties sheet under "Stereo active modus" click on "Active" to enable 3D stereo. Click on "Apply" to confirm the change. To deactivate click on "Inactive".

To test if 3D stereo anaglyph is working correctly click on Medical test image". An image with a big rectangle and a smaller one in front of it should be shown. The eyes might need a few seconds to focus.

Screen Resolution 800x600

The screen resolution should be set to 800x600 in order to display in 3D stereo. Some dreamtime experience programs can work in higher resolutions.

For a more extensive explanation of the 3D stereo driver we refer to the nVidia 3D stereo user guide.