Quick 3D Stereo setup

NVidia's 3D Stereo Driver

3D Stereo


3-Dimensional experience

Getting the full experierence means having a world you can really dive into. With 3D images showing real depth, an extra dimension is added to the experience. Our DreamTime eXPerience products are optimized for use with 3D shutter glasses or anaglyph glasses.

Shutter glasses (page flipped 3D stereo)

For maximum 3D result we suggest using shutter glasses. This generates a true 3D image comparable with what we normaly see. In the world around us we see depth because we can look with two eyes which are a small distance apart. The difference between what we see with our left and our right eye tells our brain how far away something is. The principle behind shutter glasses is the same. Seperate images for your left and your right eye are generated every split second. The shutter glasses makes sure the images are only seen with the eye it is intended for. 'Blinding' the right eye when an image for the left eye is displayed on the screen, and vice versa. This happens so fast we don't notice any switching. Our brain does the rest of the work. The two slightly different images are interpreted as one image with depth.

Anaglyph glasses (anaglyph 3D stereo)

Another way to create the illusion of depth are anaglyph glasses. Well-known but not often used anymore, these glasses give the viewer a perception of some depth. Red and blue 'depth shades' are added to the image. The colored glasses act as a filter to send the correct shade to the eye it is intended for.

The anaglyph technique creates a noticeable perception of depth. Downside is the use of the red and blue shades. Some image doubling will be visible to the eye and the brain has to do more work to recognize and stay focused on the depth.

NVidia's 3D stereo

NVidia 3D Stereo works with the following video cards:

- NVidia GeForce2 of beter (inclusief GeForce256)
- NVidia TNT of TNT2
- NVidia Quadro

Other suppliers have video cards producing 3D stereo. We have not tested these and cannot guarantee our products to be shown correctly.

For page flipped 3D stereo a refresh rate at 800x600 of 100Hz or 120Hz is recommended to get a steady image. Both the graphics card and the display monitor must support this.
Currently lcd, tft and projectors are not fast enough to support such high refresh rates.

We offer no support for the NVidia 3D Stereo driver and it's working. We recommend visiting the website of NVidia for more informatie. http://www.nvidia.com