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DreamTime Awakening Performance
Second Life
Integration of Real Life and Second Life
Mandala Bead Games in Second Life
Mandala Temple
Saturday May 20 and Sunday May 21
RL time:
13:00+14:00+15:00+16:00+17:00 (GMT+1)
SL time: 4:00+5:00+6:00+7:00+8:00 (AM PST)
The performances are about 20 minutes. Between them there is time
for discusion, experiments and suprise acts from some guest peformers.

As part of the Urban Myths Project of the ArtTour 2006 we do
a number of DreamTime Awakening Performances.

ArtTour Website
On the Real Life location in Movie Theater Lumiere (Maastricht/Holland),
the multimedia artist
and techno shaman Don Renaro (Carlos Tapioca) opens a window to his
DreamTime Art Studio at InnerLife Tavarua, in SL.

He will link his
brainwaves to SL and plays his Mandala Games,
together with his RL+SL artist friends.

Guest Performers
Paul Cohen
(Komuso Tokugawa)
Rene Janssen (Caprillo Asturias)
Berto Aussems (Hiram Yoshiro)

eXPerience the Magic
Myth and Mystery of a
State of Dreaming Awake,
with open eyes, in RL+SL,
Lumiere and Second Life.