MindSurfer State Maps
MindSurfer State Maps

MindSurfer State Maps are visual representations of the state shifting proces of your attention.
The actual state information is derived from the brainwaves of the player trough the MindSurfer neurofeedback hardware and State Service and State Monitor software of The Mind Connection.

Every sphere in the maps represents a specific state, defined by a specific brainwave pattern
(a combination of beta, alpha, theta and delta waves). The bright yellow sphere represents the actual state of the mind as it jumps over the state map, expressing the state shifting proces of
the attention of the player in time. Bigger spheres represent states that occur more.
Smaller spheres represent states that occur less.

State maps are created by the State Map Trainer. They are the result of analizing a number of brainwave files. Depending on the settings of the trainer you can create maps with a resolution from 2 states to hundreds of states. The spectrum of states can be represented as 1, 2 or 3 dimensional maps. View the examples on the MindSurfer State Maps Overview Page.

All state maps in this collection are based on a single brainwave recording of about 5 min.
This brainwave file is also used to train the different state maps. You can also use a number
of files from the same player, recorded under different circumstances.
An other option is to use files from different players and train group maps. Individual players
can then use their personal brainwave files and run them in this general map. This way they can
see how their states relate to the states of other players in the group.

See the Universal States Map for a global view on the spectrum of states you can surf trough.

MindSurfer State Maps
MindSurfer State Maps